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Testimonials on Interim Physicians’ Effective Service

Don’t take it from us! See what some of our satisfied physicians and clients are saying about locum tenens staffing services from Interim Physicians.

“Excellent services, prompt reply never had an issue.”
— Dr. K. S.

“Very proactive.”
— Dr. K. S.

“Sometimes I had to call [my recruiter] on the weekend or after hours and he was always ready to help me.”
— Dr. T.K.

“My recruiter quality is above average”
— Dr. T. G.

“I have worked with several recruiting agency, but I found Interim Physician is the best.”
— Dr. B. S.

“Always on my side as an advocate.”
— Dr. Marc L.

“[Interim Physicians] does it all to make locums easy.”
— Dr. Thomas K.

“You have been a consummate professional and a good communicator. It has been great working for your company. Please keep me in mind for future assignments. Your phone calls are always welcome.”
— Dr. Bradley K., M.D., Primary Care

“I have worked with over 5 locums companies and really your service and being on top of issues has been the best. I just wanted to say thanks for being so great.”
— Dr. Genevieve D., Emergency Medicine

“Is it OK to say I love you guys? Professionally speaking, of course! ”
— Dr. Kevin L., Internal Medicine

“In the 1980s, I became familiar with Interim Physicians. The staff who have represented your company over the years have always been pleasant, and have left me with a legacy of great memories.”
— Dr. Neil V., Occupational Medicine

“The folks at Interim Physicians have exceeded all expectations in their efforts for speedy credentials for this position as well as my previous positions. Thanks so much! You saved my practice!”
— Dr. Steven B., Internal Medicine

“I was thinking about doing some quick locum tenens work but was on the fence due to timing. I decided to see what I could find, so I searched Google for ‘Texas locums’ and found your website. Right away I found an intriguing job opportunity on your site and called in. Due to my background, I thought this position would be a good fit. My Interim Physicians representative presented me to the facility, I was accepted and then credentialed within a matter of hours on a Friday for a Monday start. Amazing! I’m very impressed with your efficient service and am enjoying my locums assignment tremendously. Thanks!”
— Dr. Jonathan H., Pediatrician

“Jackie, I love it here. It is easy to work here, and the people are great. Thanks for getting me this position!”
— Dr. Erica K., Hospitalist

“Thanks, Joe & Jami, you guys rock! You do such a great job of taking care of my needs. it such a pleasure to work with you!
— Dr. Aba K., Hospitalist

“After my completion of a pretty painless credentialing packet for Interim Physicians, I was accepted for placement quickly. Every aspect of the process, from the ‘biggies’ (such as credentialing and liability insurance) to the smaller ones (like schedules and directions) have been performed flawlessly.”
— Dr. Gregory R., Radiologist

“I have worked with Interim Physicians for the past four years. I just want you all to know that I am very pleased with your service and your ability to find me high quality positions in the states where I am licensed. Your company is service, customer and client oriented, striking an excellent balance that makes me happy to use Interim Physicians as my locum tenens company.”

— Dr. Rachel M., Anesthesiologist

“Searching for a new full-time practice opportunity can be very stressful, especially if it’s your first time. In particular, you knew that I had a very unusual situation in terms of where and what I was willing to look at. To your credit, Interim Physicians met my needs PERFECTLY and found the right practice for me! You were easy to reach and quick to respond by phone or e-mail. You kept me informed as to how things were going and you never left me wondering what was happening. I highly recommend Interim Physicians to meet any physicians recruiting needs.”
— Dr. Bradley T., Radiologist

“Always very receptive to our needs and dedicated to a quick turnaround!”
— Ms. S.L., Medical Center Client

“[My account manager] took a sincere approach to resolving a critical locum situation for me.”
— Ms. A. W., Medical Center Client

Interim Physicians provides only the most capable physicians. Your doctors have stepped right into a busy night shift position, with high volume and acuity and done an impeccable job in all aspects. Also, working with you is easy and we love the constant support your team provides.
—  Cathy T., MD

“Interim Physicians has been great to work with. I have had experience with several physician staffing agencies, and Interim is by far the most professional and helpful.”
— Lori S., 

“Christa  has always been a pleasure to work with — very efficient and very helpful. Her doctor has really helped us out of jams when we needed the coverage. The finance folks send us invoices in a timely manner and help us track any invoices that are due. We have enjoyed the relationship we have with Interim Physicians.”
— Julie F., Scheduling Manager

“Christa, I just wanted to thank you for working double time to get us a physician. I know that you went above and beyond to provide us with Dr. Miller. He is as friendly and efficient as the other doctors that you have provided for us. Your company is truly an asset to us. Thanks again!”
— Bobbi H., Worksite Manager

“The Psychiatrist provided by Interim Physicians performed in an admirable manner. She had extremely positive interactions with the staff, including clinical social workers, physicians, nursing staff and therapeutic activities specialists. They found her to be approachable and collegial. The physician also established very good rapport with patients. Not only did we not receive any patient complaints, but we received compliments from patients about her care. Her evaluations were thorough. Her administrative tasks were undertaken in a timely and efficient manner. She interacted very professionally with third-party payers, even when their requests and decisions were difficult. Her ethics were beyond reproach.”
— Frederick W., Medical Director

“The doctor’s credentialing file is complete! Yeah, we did it! Thank you so much for all your help, Ann. I really appreciate all you did to make this happen. I look forward to working with you again.”
— Cathryn S., Credentialing Coordinator

“Thanks Joe! I don’t know if I had told you yet, but I am retiring after 44 years. I will miss everyone. You have been great to work with and I could count on you always.”
— Karen S., Medical Recruiter

“We enjoyed having Dr. Johnson work with us, and we would love to have him back when the opportunity presents itself. I look forward to our next opportunity to work together! You are so efficient and a pleasure to work with.”
— Ms. Lauren R., Director, Physician Services

“I would like to commend one of your Senior Consultants, Christina. This testimonial comes unsolicited. As a Division Director at a non-profit behavioral healthcare organization, I do not hesitate to make a complaint to organizations when service is not satisfactory. I also make it a point to recognize persons who provide exemplary service. [Christina} has done just that for us. She has been just a joy to work with and is a fantastic representative of your organization. I have told her that I have appreciated the flexibility and methods of communication she has used to work with us. I also want to commend your organization as a whole. I work with many locum tenens firms, and your organization stands out at the top of the list.”
— Mr. Daniel C., Division Director

“Our Interim Physicians representative is friendly, professional and extremely responsive to our needs. She goes above and beyond to provide us with quality physicians that are well-liked and respected for their clinical capabilities. The Credentialing department does a superb job in helping us be assured that the physicians are appropriately credentialed prior to their start date and the Billing department always provides us with detailed, accurate and timely invoices.”
— Ms. Dana K., Director of Operations

“Our organization has been working with Interim Physicians for the past several years. The staff has been very courteous and helpful in assisting with our locum tenens needs.”
— Ms. Edana C., Administrator

“I have utilized several locums companies over the years and I can say that Interim Physicians is certainly one of the very best. I work very closely with my representative at Interim Physicians, who always makes my locums ‘crises’ needs her ‘crises’ as well. The staff often makes me feel as though I am their only client and they certainly make the needs of our company their priority. Thanks, Interim Physicians!”
— Mr. Wayne S., VP of Operations

“We had been searching for months to locate another qualified physician to add to our growing group but to no avail. And then Interim Physicians stepped in! Within a matter of a few weeks, they had located that perfect physician, the one whose personality and career goals matched what we could offer. They stayed ‘behind the scenes’, facilitating where appropriate – and they took care of all the details. I would highly recommend Interim Physicians for any group or hospital wanting to add to their staff.”
— Dr. Liam C., Group President

“We appreciate the courteous and professional manner of all the Interim Physicians personnel. With Interim Physicians, we feel as if we have a partner in meeting our staffing needs. We are very pleased with the outstanding physicians Interim Physicians represents. Thank you!”
— Ms. Jamie L., Group Representative

“Our account manager and all of the staff at Interim have been awesome to work with. I always get super fast coverage, follow ups and always great customer service! I appreciate everything you do to help our company achieve success!”
— Ms. Mae H., Group Representative

“I have had the opportunity to work with Interim Physicians for the past five months and have only good things to report.  I continue to have the highest regard for the Interim Physician staff and recommend them without hesitation. ”

— Dr. Ronald C. , Medical Director


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