Locum Tenens Application FAQ

To help you easily navigate our online application

Q: Do I really need to complete this application? You already have my CV.

There are sections you can skip if we have your updated CV. We ask you to complete the Background, Certifications, Licenses, and References to the best of your ability. On “Work History” you only need to enter workplaces that aren’t listed on your CV. If you’ve just started working somewhere and it hasn’t quite made it onto your CV yet, that’s no problem. Just put the information on the online application, and we’ll make sure to update your work history for you.

Q: Is this application secure? I don’t want to provide my social security number on an unsecured site.

Our online application is hosted on a secured site. If you’re not comfortable providing your social security number, you can enter 000-00-0000 in this field and call 800-226-6347 to provide your social security number by phone to a Quality Assurance Specialist.

Q: Do I need to look up the address for every place I went to school or worked?

We’ll do it for you! If you’ll please provide the school or hospital name, and the city and state or country, we’ll take it from there.

Q: Why is it asking me to upload documents on Step 11?

There are a number of credentialing documents that we need up front in order to get you set up with our malpractice insurance and help with client credentialing. There are four ways for you to send us those documents. If they’re already scanned into your computer, you can just upload them directly to our online application in Step 11.

  • If they’re already scanned into your computer, you can just upload them directly to our online application in Step 11.
  • You can fax most documents to us at 800-505-4794. This fax line is secure and is accessible only to our Quality Assurance Specialists. Please note that driver’s licenses, social security cards, passports and photos do not fax well.
  • You can email your documents to QA@interimphysicians.com. Just like our fax line, this email address is secure and monitored only by Quality Assurance Specialists.
  • If you’d prefer to overnight hard copies of your documents to us, please call 800-226-6347 and we’ll be happy to send you a pre-paid label.

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