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Perspectives on the locum tenens industry

We’re celebrating National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day!

Tuesday, June 5 is National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day, and we’d like to take a moment today to thank our Physician Recruiters for all of their hard work and dedication. Our recruiters are an imperative part of the locum tenens puzzle, and they allow us to help change lives by pairing quality physicians and advance practitioners with facilities and patients all across the country. Without our talented team of recruiters, millions of those who rely on locum tenens every day would go without the care they desperately need.

We asked a few of our Physician Recruiters what they like most about their job. Here are their replies:

“I enjoy finding the perfect opportunities for physicians that are a great match for everyone and very often last a long time. I also enjoy the relationships I have built with the physicians I work with and all of the interesting people I have met over the years. Tina Lenihan, Physician Recruiter

“My favorite part of being a physician recruiter is getting to know each and every one of my providers on a personal level. Once I have gotten to know my provider it is easier to match them to opportunities that I know would be a good fit for them. This ensures that my providers are happy and have the skills necessary for the job. Knowing that my providers have been placed into an opportunity that fits them gives me the peace of mind that not only client will be happy but the patients they are seeing will receive the care and attention they need. Jackie Byrd, Recruiting Director

ward“My hard work will pay off; that is what I like most. This job is not an eight to five job to me. Sourcing candidates, building trust with providers and account managers, and doing my best to fulfill my commitment as a recruiter will allow me to provide for my family. And, that is everything to me.” – Heather Ward, Senior Physician Recruiter


“My favorite part about being a Physician Recruiter is finding the right candidate for my client’s need. The right candidate in my mind is someone who is not only solid clinically, but someone with a bradshawjoeyvery pleasant personality who is willing to listen. The candidate must be flexible when it comes to paperwork, they must be responsive to our client, and be a team player upon arrival at the site. We want this person to be an extension of Interim and what we stand for as a company. After all, our main goal is to deliver quality care, and just as important, to get asked back to the site as long as possible. When these things are accomplished effectively it gives me a sense of satisfaction that we have delivered for our client. Joey Bradshaw, Regional Recruiting Director


guzmanI enjoy building relationships and making friendships across the country. I’m very passionate about taking care of my team. I never want to disappoint them. I focus on making sure I provide physicians with the best customer service and all of the resources needed to make their experience a positive one. My favorite part of my job is handling all aspects of the candidate side of the placement process such as future scheduling, problem solving, following up with time sheets, counseling, and more. I enjoy building professional relationships with them and finding opportunities that meet all of their desires. Jennifer Guzman, Regional RecruitingDirector


“I love being a Physician Recruiter because every physician is different, therefore every day is different. One day I might be recruiting for a Family Medicine physician and the next day for a Radiologist. I might find a doctorwho has been doing hospitalist work for the last 8 years, but most recently has had a change of passion and prefers emergency medicine. I can chat with a new doctor fresh out of residency who is planning to take their boards, or a retired physician who wants to keep their skills fresh and work in a low volume facility. Getting to know my doctors on a one to one relationship means we create a professional bond to where I know what their needs, wants, and future plans are so I can work my magic to check off each box for their new locum assignment with Interim Physicians. Being a Physician Recruiter is not an 8-5 Monday through Friday job, emergencies happen and schedules change. So being available for my physicians means a lot to me because I want them to know I’m there for them and we’re a team. Crystal Lopez, Physician Recruiter

I like helping people do what they like to do. When at the end of the day I can say, I helped someone do something they love,’ then it’s been a good day. Bordon Smith, Physician Recruiter smith

rike“IP is a great place to work! We have fun, but get the job done! I’m usually following up with the physicians I’m actively working with, to ensure they are getting everything they need from me. I am their business partner and often friend as well. I am just trying to make sure I provide the support that they require from me, and make sure I am advocating on their behalf to ensure they get what they are looking for/need out of an assignment. Nick Rike, Senior Physician Recruiter