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Four Reasons Why Young Physicians Should Choose Locum Tenens

For many new physicians, the transition from resident to practicing physician can be quite an adjustment. While you’ve spent years studying and training for this moment, life after residency can be a lot to handle as you quickly find it has its own unique set of responsibilities, such as paying back student loans, choosing a direction for your career, and simply navigating the ‘real-world’ as a young professional.

Luckily, locum tenens can make the transition from residency to your first official position much more manageable. There are many perks of working locum tenens jobs that can benefit young physicians, such as the ability to repay student loans faster and the opportunity to experience a variety of practice settings. Read below our top four reasons young physicians should consider working locum tenens.

1.Pay-off medical school loans faster

The average medical school student graduates with a hefty $189,000 in student loans. This number can be overwhelming to new doctors who wonder how they’ll ever repay them. Whether you work locums full-time or only occasionally, you can quickly earn extra income to chisel away at your loans faster. Interim Physicians also offers weekly payment via direct deposit so you can count on your money to be there when you need it.

2.Gain experience and build your CV

In the beginning of your career, your CV may look sparse. Locum tenens allows you to quickly gain a broad range of experiences. With healthcare’s ever-changing rules and regulations, it’s important to be able to adapt and discover new ways of practicing. Working locum tenens allows you to work with a wide variety of patients and fellow healthcare professionals, which teaches you how to quickly acclimate to different situations. By having multiple locums assignments under your belt, you will steadily grow your CV and set yourself apart from your peers as a sought-after, well-rounded candidate.

3.Try different practice settings and specialties

As you begin your journey in medicine, choosing the right long-term fit can be tricky, especially if you have not yet had the chance to experience a variety of practice settings. Locum tenens is the perfect way to take on different assignments and try out several locations. Each type of facility has its own atmosphere, population size, and practice style, so it is important to find one you can embrace. Additionally, physicians in certain specialties, like internal medicine, can work in multiple roles, like being a hospitalist or emergency medicine physician. Locum tenens is a hassle-free way to “try before you buy” and see which type of work you enjoy most.

4.Travel the country

Have you always wanted to experience the hustle and bustle of a busy New York City emergency room? Maybe you’d enjoy the laid back vibes and warm winds of the sunny SoCal coast. Travel has never been easier with locum tenens. We offer jobs in nearly every specialty and state. Though a state medical license is required, our recruiters can work with you to facilitate the licensure process and get you to work at your ideal job sooner. Our travel team takes care of all your travel and accommodations, the cost of which are generally covered by the client. All you have to worry about is providing quality care and choosing where you’d like to travel to first.

If you’re a young physician interested in a career in locum tenens, visit our jobs page to see our most up-to-date jobs and give us a call at (800) 226-6347 to speak with one of our friendly recruiters.