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Locum tenens jobs: a helpful transition for soon-to-retire physicians

After decades of saving lives, many physicians approaching retirement find it hard to have a smooth transition to the next phase of their lives. Most of them are just not ready yet to stop practicing medicine. Fortunately, there are now locum tenens jobs they can take to help them slowly ease into their retirement years.

Staying active

Doctors often have hectic schedules and are always on their feet. The dynamic nature of their job is what makes it harder for advanced practitioners to adjust to their retirement years. With locum tenens physician assignments, however, doctors can continue to practice, yet enjoy greater flexibility in their schedule. This way, they can start doing things outside of work and begin adjusting to the less-busy-world (but, perhaps, equally fulfilling) waiting for them in retirement.

Achieving greater financial security

Taking locum tenens jobs can help doctors approaching retirement continue to build on their savings. They work less but they are still earning a substantial income, keeping them from dipping into their retirement funds right away. This translates to a greater financial security for pre-retirement medical practitioners, which they will need once they completely leave their practice.

Having travel opportunities

Doctors don’t have to wait for full retirement to travel around the country they can continue practicing and enjoy a holiday trip on the side. Locum tenens jobs are available across the U.S.; plus, staffing companies can help physicians arrange their work schedules more efficiently.

Many doctors find it quite difficult to leave the medical profession all the sudden. But with locum tenens jobs, they can still practice without tiring themselves from overwhelming work hours. They continue to enjoy the benefits and great fulfillment of the profession, as they make their transition to their retirement years and ideal setup, indeed.

If you’re a doctor approaching retirement and looking for a locum tenens job, don’t hesitate to contact us. As one of the leading staffing firms in the country, we can help you find work assignments suitable to your needs.