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America’s Aging Population Needs More Orthopedic Surgeons

More than 80 million Americans today belong to the demographic of Baby Boomers, the generation of people born between 1946 and 1964. They make up almost 25 percent of the overall population in the country. With their age and population size, Baby Boomers are a huge factor in the increasing demand for medical services and physicians, including orthopedic surgeons.

They Want to Stay Active

There is no question that Baby Boomers are aging, but they are not yet too advanced in their years to keep an active lifestyle. Many of them still join marathons, go trail biking, or lift heavy weights at the gym. While being active isn’t a bad thing, it could greatly impact the physical health of those who push themselves too much. Their refusal to slow down puts a strain not only on their knees and hips which are already feeling the effects of the aging process but on hospitals and physicians who must meet their medical demands, as well.

Thus, They Want to Keep Their Joints Youthful

While a number of Baby Boomers may be dealing with health problems associated with aging, many are now also seeking treatment for their worn-down joints. As a matter of fact, this generation accounted for over 40-percent of the more than 900,000 cases of knee and hip replacement surgeries in 2009. In 2030, Baby Boomers are expected to account for about 1 million knee and replacements.

Health experts note that many Baby Boomers return to their running, hiking, swimming, cycling, golfing, and other sports after their orthopedic procedures. This leads to joint revision surgeries and further procedures needed to prolong their active lifestyles.

As Baby Boomers continue to advance in years and treat the pains of aging through orthopedic surgeries, health care organizations must now increase their services and boost their workforce. Fortunately, some orthopedic surgeons are now taking locum tenens jobs to fill up staffing gaps in several hospitals across the country. Plus, many surgeons and scientists are teaming up to seek opportunities for innovation in orthopedic surgery. These efforts need to increase, continually, as all hands should be on deck on to meet this medical trend set by the Baby Boomers.

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