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Top 5 Physician Blogs to Follow

Every day we’re bombarded with information from various news outlets, the internet, social media, and television. Sometimes, it’s refreshing to read news from doctors just like you. Here are five physician blogs we at Interim Physicians recommend following.

Be sure to check also out Interim Physician’s own blog and Medical Director, Ken Tuefel’s blog, Dr. Ken’s Corner.

KevinMD: For over a decade, healthcare professionals and patients alike have visited KevinMD to read stories and share insight. With over 2,000 contributing authors, KevinMD offers robust commentary on all things healthcare, from politics, to medical school, to the day-to-day duties of being a physician.

Physician on FIRE: Covering topics from personal finance and early retirement to medicine and travel, this blog is great for physicians interested in learning how they can be smarter with their money. Part anesthesiologist, part family man, and part financial advisor, the Physician on FIRE aims to educate and entertain, leaving physicians better informed and inspired to look at life a little differently than before.

Dr. Linda MD: A published author featured regularly on Physician’s Weekly and MedicalPractice Insider, Dr. Linda Girgis, MD, FAAFP is no stranger to making her voice heard. Named one of the top five woman bloggers in healthcare, she’s never afraid to voice her opinion on the tough topics in medicine, like healthcare policy and the over-prescription of antibiotics.

Mothers in Medicine: Ran by a diverse group of physician-mothers, Mothers in Medicine discusses the demands of being a mother and a physician. With authors in several specialties and various stages of their careers, readers can easily relate to the candid stories and honest observations.

MD Whistleblower: Full time physician and writer, Dr. Michael Kirsch discusses the highs and lows of medicine, including medical ethics, politics, and the physician-patient relationship. No topic off limits, his posts take a peek behind the medical curtain and deliver unapologetic honesty.