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Physician Burnout: A Remedy

Physician burnout is a rising national problem. According to the recent Medscape Physician Lifestyle Survey, there was a higher burnout rate in 2015 compared to 2013, with numbers climbing up from 40% to 46%. Numerous other studies involving nearly every medical specialty show that one in three physicians is experiencing burnout at any given time. Some of the highest burnout rates of any medical discipline involve primary care physicians.

What is Physician Burnout?

Not to be confused, the difference between stress and physician burnout lies in the ability of the medical professional to recover in their time off. NEJM Catalyst describes physician burnout as a condition of depersonalization and emotional exhaustion, with a sense of low personal accomplishment. The phenomenon causes physicians to reduce their work hours, deliver lower quality medical care, or stop practicing altogether, and subsequently reducing access to care around the country.

So, what causes physician burnout? Its cause is difficult to determine because it involves many personal and professional factors. But medical practitioners often develop burnout due to the excessive workload and daunting charting and administrative duties.

What are Ways to Combat Physician Burnout?

One way to combat physician burnout is for the clinic or organization to recognize its impact on providers and patients, and establish provider wellness.

Locum tenens is another simple solution to combat physician burnout as the temporary placement gives physicians the freedom and balance they seek. This type of work offers many options for assignments, and the set-up gives healthcare professionals a well-deserved break at the end of their temporary assignment.

Doctors are going through an invisible battle between combating the symptoms of physician burnout and searching for a fulfilling career in medicine. However, when you work with Interim Physicians, you can focus on your career and changing lives minus the burnout. We handle all the details of your assignment, from where you will be staying to securing credentialing.

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