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Dynamic Duo from Interim Physicians Keeps Ohio Birthing Center from Closing its Doors

A county hospital in a small Ohio community with the only birthing center in the town was nearly forced to make a drastic decision when they learned of a key staff member’s departure.

The only OB-GYN doctor in the facility accepted a position in another state, which left Brenda, the facility’s recruiting director, scrambling to find a permanent replacement doctor. When she was unable to find one, the facility realized it had no choice but to close the birthing center. The news hit the community hard. The OB-GYN they came to know and love had established great relationships with her patients, and Brenda feared how the lack of a birthing center would affect this rural community.

In a desperate attempt to keep the birthing center open, Brenda decided to try long-term locum tenens physicians as a stopgap solution to at least delay the closing of the center. The facility had only used locum tenens physicians for vacation and call coverage, but never as great of a need as this. Brenda, who was hesitant to use other agencies, came directly to  Karaa seasoned locum tenens consultant at Interim Physicians. Brenda described her predicament to Kara and as usual, Kara responded to her client’s coverage request in the blink of an eye.

Kara knew that she and her colleague, Duke, had to do whatever they could to find a candidate quickly to not only keep the birthing center open but ultimately preserve it as a resource for the community.

“The history between Brenda and I definitely helped because I knew what her standards were and exactly what she was looking for,” Kara said.

Adding to the existing challenge, Kara noted that filling a locum tenens OB-GYN position is no easy task. These physicians develop such a deep and personal relationship with patients, and it can oftentimes be difficult for the patient to accept an unfamiliar doctor.

Meanwhile, Duke was hard at work recruiting for an exceptional OB-GYN. He reached out to Dr. Albert, who had tried private practice but decided to switch gears and try locum tenens assignments so he could slow down and spend more time with his wife. Dr. Albert also happened to be working a locums assignment in a nearby facility in Ohio.

Duke recognized that the closing of the birthing center would have a dramatic impact on not only the community but the entire region. Duke described this dire situation to Dr. Albert, who had a profound sense of understanding for the neighboring facility.

“The doctor was familiar with the area and knew exactly what losing the center would mean to the community, “Duke said, He had great concern for what would happen, and even though he was working for the competition, he still wanted to help.

Duke and Kara finalized their recruiting efforts and presented Dr. Albert and another physician to Brenda. After reviewing the candidates’€ credentials, Brenda agreed that they would be excellent additions to the facility.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. The birthing center remains open, and new lives continue to arrive at the center thanks to two Interim Physicians on long-term assignments. Brenda believes the center will remain open long enough for a permanent physician to be recruited.

Kara and Duke delivered for Brenda because they understood what needed to be done and cared about what might happen to the community without their locum tenens coverage. Kara’€s quick response and consultative approach, in combination with Duke’s exceptional recruiting and placement are prime examples of our Interim Physicians associates practicing Advancing Quality Care.