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How Interim Physicians Warmed up a Hometown Hospital

It was an unseasonably cold winter in the Gateway City. In fact, St. Louis weather had been abysmal all winter, as the roads were consistently covered with ice and snow and the wind chill, often below zero. This had led to many terrible winter-related injuries.

One hospital was in desperate need of ICU coverage during the tumultuous winter months. The hospital always turned to Interim Physicians to provide coverage because they knew through long-developed relationships with thousands of doctors that Interim Physicians would deliver a top-notch critical care medicine locum tenens provider. The hospital also chose to work exclusively with Interim Physicians because of the incredible customer service that Account Manager Katrina delivered.

Katrina was instantly ready to help. She wanted to make certain that the facility could continue patient care and not overload their permanent physicians and staff.

Katrina reached out to the recruiting team and told them about the coverage need. Recruiter Greg immediately felt connected to this job. A long-time locum tenens recruiter, resided in St. Louis, he put finding a critical care medicine physician for his community on the top of his priority list.

Luckily, after years in the business, Greg already knew just the right physicians for this position.  He contacted one of his favorite doctors, Dr. Smith, who knew just how to handle increased patient census and was an exceptional ICU physician. He was available immediately for a locum assignment and was excited to help fulfill a need so close to home.

After starting the assignment, the facility administers reached out to Katrina and Interim Physicians because they were so pleased with how the locums physician, Dr. Smith, conducted herself with staff and patients.

The hospital administrators actually wanted her to extend coverage or even stay on as a full-time physician. Dr. Smith had to politely declined and tell the facility that she enjoyed working for Interim Physicians too much to give that up! But, she was willing to come back often and hopes to warm up the halls of this hospital…