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Interim Physicians and Locum Snowbird Team Help Florida Clinic

Between snowbirds who stay in Florida during the winter months, and normal beach-loving vacationers, a Florida urgent care clinic in a popular vacation destination experienced a high volume of seasonal patients. With such a high patient census, working at the clinic during the winter was becoming overwhelming for the staff and leaving the solo physician burned out.

Exhausted, the physician clinic owner decided that the only possible way to continue serving the community was to add another white coat in the mix. But, the extra physician was truly only needed during the winter months and would be too costly to maintain during the summer.

This was an ideal opportunity to utilize an urgent care locum tenens physician. Apprehensively, the clinic owner began sifting through information about locums agencies. With so many options, the clinic owner did not know who he could turn to for help finding coverage.

He was referred to Interim Physicians through a trusted medical-school friend. After understanding Interim Physicians’s oath to provide high-quality service and healthcare to underserved communities, the clinic owner was convinced that working with Interim Physicians would be a walk on the beach.

Interim Physicians took the hassle out of hiring and assured the facility that our mobile workforce would provide a quality candidate for the position. The team jumped into action.

An recruiter immediately found three well-trained, quality candidates for the clinic owner to interview. After interviews, the clinic owner was highly impressed with the quality locums candidates. He even went so far as saying, “the hardest part of the whole process was choosing which physician to hire after interviews.”

The clinic owner chose a talented urgent care locum tenens physician for the position and the physician was so great that the owner said using locum tenens from Interim would be a perennial occurrence.

In fact, each winter, the clinic owner looks forward to catching up with Interim Physician€s’ team and greeting his snowbird locum tenens urgent care colleague.