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Physicians: Make Time Off a Priority (You’ll Thank Us Later)

Doctors would not be doctors without their packed schedules. There’s usually so many things going on today, tomorrow, and even months ahead, that the idea of a vacation often gets shoved aside to make way for paperwork.

However, convincing yourself you’re too busy to take a vacation is counterproductive, undermines a vacation’s stress relieving capabilities, and ultimately causes more stress. Sadly, though, a recent study by a nonprofit organization called Project: Time Off reported that a mere 45% of workers use all of their paid time off, leaving 658 million vacation days wasted.

A full work schedule can understandably add to the concerns of those who do decide to take a rare vacation. Many dread organizing their affairs before taking off, afraid of everything that might go wrong once they leave.

However, vacations are important, especially during stressful periods. Studies have shown that taking time off reduces stress, heart problems, depression, and improves personal relationships.

To manage that much-needed vacation, here are a few tips to make it easier:

Mark it on your calendar

Scheduling an event or activity well in advance allows you to attend to it in the same way you would any other obligation. Book your vacation months or even a year in advance so you have time to set your affairs straight, and accommodate to your trip’s convenience instead of the other way around.

Pay for it upfront

It’s an entirely different ball-game when personal finances are involved. Paying all your vacation expenses upfront will make you think twice about canceling. Additionally, telling family, friends, and staff beforehand can allow them dissuade you from any second thoughts about taking that well-deserved break.

Enlist the help of locum tenens

Physicians with private practices might enjoy more independence in day-to-day business, but staff shortages can throw a major wrench in operations as missed income and unseen patients become a real possibility. Fortunately, locum tenens physicians are always in high supply to offer help.

Locum tenens physicians help cover for you while you’re away, maintaining patient load and billing services in the process. At Interim Physicians, our mobile workforce of locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioners is ready to provide quality-assured care whenever and wherever it’s needed.You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your practice is in safe hands, allowing you to fully enjoy your time off.

Working with Interim

When’s the last time you took a vacation? Interim Physicians is here to help provide coverage for your facility, whether it’s for the weekend, a few weeks, or even months. We work with many qualified physicians and advanced practitioners in several in-demand who would love to provide their time and skills.

Please give us a call at (800) 226-0590 to begin working with one of our Account Executives.