Provider Spotlight: Dr. Mandel, ER Maverick & Locum Tenens Physician

Interim Physicians Recognizes 5 Outstanding Locum Tenens Providers During Locum Tenens Week 2023

As National Locum Tenens Week 2023 commences, the Interim Physicians team proudly recognizes remarkable physicians like you who personify our “QualityCare” model of physician staffing.

This year’s Locum Tenens Week celebration carries a special significance with the launch of our refreshed brand that hearkens back to our early days as co-founders of the locum tenens industry in 1979 with pioneering physician, Dr. Ken Teufel.

Our new tagline, “Quality Care, Quality Assignments, Every Time” captures our higher calling while also paying homage to your steadfast dedication and commitment to medicine—helping us fulfill our mission to provide healthcare where none may otherwise exist.

Masters of Versatility 

Locum tenens physicians navigate the ever-evolving healthcare landscape with grace, often under extreme pressure. Your commitment to stepping into temporary assignments, frequently in underserved regions, ensures seamless patient care across America. Your adaptability fills critical healthcare gaps and delivers lifesaving care while meeting the needs of diverse communities in all corners of the nation.

This week, our recruiting team wanted to pay tribute to some of their exceptional locum tenens physicians, acknowledging their vital impact on healthcare and expressing gratitude for their work over the last year. 

Bobby Cassidy

Principal Recruiting Director

“This year, I’d like to recognize two outstanding locum providers.

Dr. Arbi is always super responsive and on the ball with his credentialing requirements, and he’s referred about five physicians to Interim. But more than that, Arbi treats me like a friend—he shares pictures of his little one, his wife knows who I am, and he insists I call him by his first name. We talk about basketball all the time. He likes the Lakers and I’m a Celtics fan, but I’ll let it slide since he’s such a great physician!

And Dr. Bradley always comes through when we have a gap, is always super responsive, and has even provided several direct referrals to me. We’re on the same communication wavelength and just mesh on a personality level. He’s just a great guy to work with and someone I never have to follow up with.”

Danielle Chivers

Senior Physician Recruiter

Dr. Katherine has been working with me for the last six months—although it took a long time for her to be set up on the EMR, she continued to persevere without complaint and is such a wonderful, welcoming, and understanding provider to work with. I’m more than happy to build our relationship and look forward to continuing to work with her for many months to come!”

Joey Bradshaw

Senior Recruiting Director

“In my 28 years at Interim, Dr. Adam is one of the best physicians I’ve ever been fortunate enough to work with. He’s been taking assignments with me off and on since 2010 and he’s a consummate professional. Dr. Adam has a very high clinical acumen while remaining extremely down to earth and friendly. He is always asked back at every hospital and flourishes in different environments without fail.” 

Jackie Byrd

Principal Recruiting Director

Dr. Tenku received a ‘Bravo Gram’ from one of our facility clients for always being willing to jump in and help the nurses out whether it’s his patient or not. They love how kind and approachable he is, and I wanted to give him a shoutout solely because he’s one of the very best. That kind of praise from a client really speaks to his character!” 

Pioneering the Future 

Interim Physicians remains steadfast in our pursuit of empowering exceptional locum tenens physicians like you to serve our communities. You embody our commitment to quality by delivering top-tier care during each locum tenens assignment and enriching lives nationwide. 

Our updated brand identity encompasses this quality focus, serving as a visual to support our goal of continuous improvement throughout each facet of our organization and, ultimately, your locum tenens experience. 

Together, let’s continue reaching toward a future filled with innovation, dedication, and a shared vision of delivering quality healthcare where it is needed the most.