Meet the Team

Our team is dedicated to changing peoples' lives for the better

Our team is dedicated to changing peoples' lives for the better, and we're devoted to making locum tenens a great experience for everyone – from the physicians and healthcare facilities we partner with, to the patients they care for. We look forward to working with you. In the meantime, we invite you to get to know a little about us.

Ali Beavers
Sales Operations Team Leader
Andrea Davila
Travel Coordinator
Ann Blazier
Senior Quality Assurance Specialist​
Bethany Julius
Staff Accountant​
Becky Kempfer
Quality Assurance Specialist
Bobby Cassidy
Recruiting Director
Carlos Rios
Vice President of Strategic Services​
Crystal Vines
Senior Physician Recruiter
Dairean Aguirre
Quality Assurance Specialist
Deb Rhoads
Accounting Assistant​
Danielle Chivers
Senior Physician Recruiter
Dorian Diaz
Licensing Specialist
Elaine Tschee
Travel Coordinator​
Jackie Byrd
Recruiting Director​
Jennifer Guzman
Physician Relationship Manager
Jennifer Phelps
Billing Manager​
Jessica Klenke
Staff Accountant
Joseph Bradshaw
Recruiting Director​
John Hoehne
Area Vice President​
Karissa Bradley-Evans
Sales Operations Coordinator
Katelyn Dockum
Quality Assurance Coordinator
Kelly Clubb
Senior Quality Assurance Specialist​
Kendell Dickerson
Physician Recruiter
Lauren Roberts
Recruiting Director
Louie Bernardini
Director of Delivery
Mackenzie Baxter
Sales Operations Coordinator
Marc Loughran
Vice President of Talent
Margie Gish
Marketing Assistant
Melanie Loehr, CPCS
Director of Quality Assurance​
Michael Lepard
Sales Operations Coordinator
Natalie Theobald
Staff Accountant​
Rebecca Bryan
Sales Operations Team Leader
Ryan McCabe
Senior Physician Recruiter
Samantha Carithers
Recruiting Director
Samantha Price
Quality Assurance Specialist​
Sharita Simms
Quality Assurance Specialist​
Shawn Mullen
President and Chief Revenue Officer
Stefannie Rose
Travel Manager​
Tiffani Blazek
Quality Assurance Specialist
Tim Hand Sr.
Chief Executive Officer​
Tim Sarlone
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer
Tina Lenihan
Recruiting Director​

A Brief History of Interim Physicians

From Dr. Ken Teufel’s Physician Relief Network nearly four decades ago to the merging of multiple locums companies, we have deep roots in locum tenens and are proud to provide top-tier opportunities to physicians and relief to healthcare facilities.