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In the Interim: Physician Wellbeing, COVID-19 Policies in a Post-pandemic World, Hospital Job Gains & More

As we scan our inboxes or scroll through our phones for news, the nearly identical headlines tend to blur together. Let’s put a stop to that! In the Interim is a snapshot of the latest and most relevant news in the locum tenens industry. No repeats, less scrolling, more knowledge. Check out the articles we found most interesting for this month’s roundup.

Locum Tenens Physician News: September 2021

1. How Bad Cognitive Ergonomics can Drain Doctors’ Brainpower

Healthcare leaders are used to budgeting, but perhaps you’ve never thought about budgeting brainpower. Dr. Michael Privitera has a fascinating perspective, believing that your clinicians’ brainpower is a vital resource in your healthcare delivery system, requiring careful preservation.

(American Medical Association, August 16, 2021)

2. How to Promote Physician Wellbeing During a Pandemic and Beyond

Burnout is by no means a new challenge for health leaders and providers alike; weathering two pandemic years only exacerbates the ever-present condition among staff. Evergreen Health was the first hospital with a confirmed COVID-19 case, meaning that they have struggled to alleviate the pressure of the pandemic even longer than other hospitals.

Betsy Hail, the Executive Director of Primary Care, comments on their proactive strategies for ensuring well-being during the pandemic: “First and foremost, we really committed to preserving relationships with patients, staff, and the community. This was really something that we could not compromise.” We highly recommend checking out Evergreen’s strategies for successful staff retention.

(American Medical Association, August 13, 2021)

3. The Power of Support for Parents of Children with Chronic or Complex Conditions

As Evergreen focuses on preserving relationships with patients, this article from KevinMD reminds us that 20 percent of U.S. children under 18 live with a special medical, developmental, or behavioral health care need. Managing their condition is even more stressful with the fear of COVID-19.

Bedside manner is crucial for positive patient experiences, and its necessity is only heightened for parents of patients facing some of the most difficult decisions they will ever make. Despite the challenges of delivering healthcare during a pandemic, patient care should be each physician’s top priority.

(KevinMD, August 23, 2021)

4. Practice and Policy Reset Post-COVID-19: Reversion, Transition, or Transformation?

The COVID-19 crisis has required agile, expedited processes and procedures, many of which improved the delivery of care. Health Affairs offers insightful recommendations to health systems and hospitals, asking the industry to note opportunities to reduce administrative burdens in a post-pandemic world.

(HealthAffairs, August 2020)

5. Locumpedia Introduces the First Search Engine for Locum Tenens Physician Jobs

It’s never a bad time to explore new opportunities. With a surging number of hospitals in need, this is a great opportunity for physicians to explore new practice environments while alleviating coverage gaps. If you’ve ever wished that a “Google for locum tenens jobs” existed, then your dream has come true. The birth of “Locumpedia,” an aggregated search engine of available locum tenens jobs, is sure to be a game-changer as you seek out your next assignment. We highly recommend checking it out.

(Locumpedia, July 29, 2021)

6. Hospitals See Second Consecutive Month of Job Gains

Although the unemployment rate fell from 5.4 percent to 5.2 percent, hospitals are still experiencing swinging shift vacancies and available jobs. View Becker’s most recent report for September, pulled from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

(Becker’s Hospital Review, September 8, 2021)

7. Providence Invests $220M to Bolster, Retain Workforce Amid Nationwide Labor Shortage

As staff turnover and attrition skyrockets, non-profit and for-profit health systems are battling increased workforce expenses. Unfortunately, these expenses are rising simultaneously with COVID-19 cases.

Providence is one of many industry players making significant recruitment and retention investments. We encourage you to read more about their $220M strategy to decrease schedule vacancies and turnover rates.

(Fierce Healthcare, September 6, 2021)

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