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Interim Physicians Celebrates 2021 National Doctors’ Day

Today we celebrate National Doctors’ Day! Each year on March 30, doctors are honored by members of the medical community and by the general public for their invaluable contributions to public health and to the well-being of our loved ones.

The importance of supporting doctors has come into even sharper focus over the past year, when doctors who were already going above and beyond, found an even higher gear and unwaveringly answered the call of duty during a global pandemic. Many worked every single day for long periods of time and even slept in healthcare facilities because they were the provider of last resort.

On Doctor’s Day, we at Interim Physicians wish to thank all…

  • MDs and DOs
  • Practicing physicians and retired physicians
  • Doctors who care for bodies as well as minds
  • Doctors based in cities and those who choose to practice in rural areas
  • Doctors who decided to practice medicine in America
  • Attending physicians, fellows, residents, interns, and medical students
  • Those will one day become doctors

At Interim Physicians, we could not fulfill our mission to provide healthcare services where not enough exists were it not for the selfless dedication exhibited by our locum tenens doctors. We are profoundly grateful to serve you as you serve your patients across the country.

Thnak you, for everything you’ve done for America over the past year.

You are our reason for being, our heroes, our partners. The debt of gratitude owed to each of you can never be fully paid.