Hot Jobs in Cool Places: 7 Locum Tenens Emergency Medicine Opportunities from Colorado to New Hampshire

You got into locum tenens for flexibility and the freedom to practice anywhere you want. So, why settle for humdrum routine work when you can have it all with Interim Physicians?

Hot Jobs in Cool Places” showcases our most in-demand locum tenens jobs from across the country. Whether you crave adrenaline-pumping outdoor adventure, exceptional cuisine, or vibrant culture, this list has something for everyone.  

1. Northeastern Colorado

This charming town is nestled on the eastern plains of Colorado. Featuring a rich agricultural heritage, you will find plenty of historic sites and museums. Explore state parks and river views and take part in local cultural events and festivals. For those seeking a taste of Colorado’s heartland, this locum tenens assignment is an excellent choice. Oh, and the Rockies are just a few hours west! 

2. Northeastern North Carolina

In the heart of coastal North Carolina, this locum tenens assignment is a hydrophile’s delight. Pull out your kayak, head out on a boat, or grab your fishing pole and enjoy the scenic waterfront. Then, sample locally-sourced food and explore this historic downtown that boasts a balance of museums and a small-town, tight-knit atmosphere. This assignment seamlessly blends a friendly community with plenty of opportunities to relax on the water and soak up some fun, nautical facts. 

3. Northwestern Pennsylvania

Discover a captivating destination in the heart of the Great Lakes region, where natural wonders meet historical charm. This city offers breathtaking waterfront views and an array of outdoor activities surrounded by lush landscapes. Immerse yourself in maritime history by exploring museums and famous landmarks. Dive into a rich cultural scene with local arts and entertainment, complemented by a diverse culinary landscape. Whether you seek adventure in the great outdoors or prefer to unwind in a welcoming atmosphere, this locum tenens assignment promises to deliver the perfect balance. (In fact, it is a favorite location for one of our doctors!) 

4. Upstate New York

If you’re looking for a touch of outdoor adventure, you’ll really enjoy this locum tenens assignment! Located near the Finger Lakes, you can admire waterfalls and waterfront views, hike, and participate in outdoor recreation when you’re done with your shift. Even if you’d rather not bundle up to explore the outdoors, you can explore a plethora of museums – this location is rich with history! Are you a foodie or someone who enjoys exploring breweries? Even better! The surrounding restaurants and unique pours won’t disappoint. No matter your palate, this locum tenens opportunity is sure to whet your appetite. 

5. Southern Virginia

Nestled just over the North Carolina border, this assignment embodies small-town charm while strategically positioning itself just a couple of hours from three major cities. This location boasts a thriving historic downtown, with various shops, restaurants, and small businesses. Enjoy the best of both worlds with the convenience of proximity to major amenities and the comfort of a close-knit atmosphere. Whether you’re exploring the quaint mom-and-pop cafes or indulging in upscale dining, the vibrant downtown offers a range of culinary experiences. Afterward, take a leisurely stroll down Main Street, where a unique array of shops awaits, inviting you to savor its Southern charm. 

 6. Western South Carolina

History buff with a penchant for fresh air? This assignment in South Carolina’s Upper Western region supplies plenty of history and heritage in addition to miles of hiking, biking, and walking trails. Explore state parks and national forests, paddleboard across lakes, and enjoy the convenience of major highways in case you’d like to explore neighboring states – there’s always more to cross off your bucket list after all! 

 7. Southern New Hampshire

Any skiers or winter hikers out there? The White Mountains are calling — and they’re not far from this convenient location. When you’re at the hospital, you’ll tend to a diverse group of patients. After your shift is done, you can sample incredible cuisine across the downtown strip and enjoy the hubbub and convenience of the city. Then, spend your weekends exploring quintessential New England towns across the Seacoast, or catching a game before you soak up some American Revolutionary history in Boston, MA. 

But, wait – there’s more! 

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