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Top 10 Medical Physician Podcasts for Locum Tenens Physicians

As a locum tenens physician, you’re always on the move but must find time to stay abreast of the latest medical research. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend hours hitting the books as you did in med school –- there are more fun alternatives. Cue our “Locum Tenens Resource Roundup,” a three-part series revealing the top medical podcasts, YouTube channels, and blogs that keep docs in the know. 

Although podcasting started in the early 2000s, the audio platform’s popularity recently exploded with a plethora of new content and listeners, fondly dubbed the “Podcast Renaissance.” Podcast consumption is versatile – perfect for the locum lifestyle. You can listen while you’re driving, flying, or while you’re getting your steps in. That’s why it’s only fitting that our first Resource Roundup highlights 10 medical podcasts that cover essential research, stories, and tips for our locum tenens physicians. 

Next time you’re looking for a thought-provoking listen, give one of these channels a try: 

1. AMA Podcasts

The American Medical Association hosts a series of seven different podcast channels featuring physicians, scientists, and industry leaders. These original podcasts unite research and discussions to offer unique perspectives on the medical industry with topics ranging from medical innovations to ethics in patient care and overcoming practice challenges. 

Listen to AMA Podcasts 

2. KevinMD

We all know and love social media’s leading physician voice, Kevin Pho, MD. This 15-minute, daily podcast is the perfect dose of physician storytelling. KevinMD provides a consistent outlet for lived experiences and inspires discussion while shining a light on the humanity of healthcare.

Listen to KevinMD

3. Digital Health Today Podcasts

If you want to keep up with digital health and learn how technological advances are changing health outcomes, then this is your podcast. Guest speakers are often a mix of leaders in the healthcare industry along with innovators working to leverage technology to improve everyday medical practice. 

Listen to Digital Health Today Podcasts

4. White Coat Investor

Hosted by Dr. James Dahle, the White Coat Investor Podcast strives to help physicians build a personal finance foundation that empowers them to take control of their future. Dr. Dahle covers student loan repayment, financial planning, retirement, and investment strategies—locum tenens comes up quite often on these segments. 

Listen to White Coat Investor

5. The Healthcare Policy Podcast

Healthcare policy issues are never black and white (or red and blue, for that matter). In fact, it’s nearly impossible to hear about healthcare policy without getting a political lean. The Healthcare Policy Podcast interviews leading health policy experts to clearly and thoughtfully discuss complex topics like the Affordable Care Act, Medicare/Medicaid, and social determinants of health purely from the medical professionals’ perspective.

Listen to The Healthcare Policy Podcast

 6. Docs Outside the Box

Self-touted as a “fusion of medicine, money, and pop culture,” Dr. Nii Darko goes beyond the textbook to deliver a unique blend of medical insight and industry perspectives from doctors, influencers, and entrepreneurs.

Listen to Docs Outside the Box

7. Healthcare Happy Hour

National Association of Health Underwriters hosts your Friday afternoon pick-me-up. Clocking shift after shift and unable to keep up with the news? This hour-long recap covers the week’s top stories in medical advancements, policy, and politics. You’ll be all caught up after happy hour.

Listen to Healthcare Happy Hour

8. Physician’s Guide to Doctoring

Personal and professional development wrapped into one podcast. Physician and non-physician experts unite to offer practical insight to healthcare professionals. Topics cover finances and leadership skills, medical ethics and stories, and everything in between.

Listen to Physician’s Guide to Doctoring

9. DocWorking

Dr. Jen Barna hosts physicians and other industry leaders, facilitating real discussions about balancing a successful medical career AND personal life. (Locum tenens happens to be a recurring theme in her episodes.) Topics span work/life balance, building financial independence, and strengthening leadership skills.   

Listen to DocWorking

10. American Family Physician Podcast

This is your lens to the latest medical advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of diseases. Twice a month, you can tune in to hear faculty and residents from Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix Family Medicine Residency dive deeper into clinical points from the American Family Physician (AFP).

Listen to American Family Physician Podcast

That’s it for part one of our three-part physician resource roundup!  

Stay tuned for part two where we’ll release the best medical YouTube channels. For more physician resources, follow us on LinkedIn and sign up for our email newsletter for industry news and job search tips.