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Top 10 Apps to Increase Productivity on Your Locum Tenens Assignments

No matter what you need during your locum tenens assignment, we bet your smartphone has the solution. The key is knowing exactly what to search and download. We can help. You did, too – the apps below were submitted by our locum tenens docs – thank you! 

Whether you’re trying to collaborate with another physician at the tap of a button, spend less time on paperwork by quickly uploading a document, or smooth out your finances by “setting and forgetting,” these 10 physician-approved productivity apps all deserve a download. We polled our docs to learn more about their favorite apps to use on locum tenens assignments, and they came up with some serious time savers (we downloaded a few ourselves).  

So, before you head out on your next locums assignment, check out your colleagues’ suggestions, and be sure to add your favorites to your phone. 

1. Figure1 

Challenging medical case? Simply remove patient information, upload images, and collaborate with other physicians in real-time to help you make a diagnosis. This app allows you to gain insight and start discussions that lead to better patient care. Additionally, you can participate in quizzes, case collaboration, and CMEs. One doc said Figure1 is “an excellent resource for learning and seeing what others do with medical issues.” 


2. Care to Translate 

Sometimes, medical interpreters aren’t readily available. And often, it’s crucial to deliver information quickly. With Care to Translate, you can overcome language barriers and reduce wait times. This app includes playlists of common phrases and live audio/text translations for over 40 languages. The best part? It’s created specifically for medical providers. One of our physicians says that it’s a “great app that helps me communicate better with my patients.” 


3. FaxBurner 

Turn your smartphone into a fax machine. Rushing to submit last minute paperwork to our credentialing department? Not a problem. Sign documents, complete forms, and fax them back from the palm of your hand. No printer necessary. This app was one of the most popular among our physicians, “I love this app. You get your own personal number for incoming faxes and it makes sending all my documents so much easier.” 


4. LifeLock 

You’re traveling to a new state on an assignment and use your card to grab some gas. Suddenly, your bank flags the charge. Skip the hassle of juggling your phone to sort out holds and notify your bank; you have better things to do. Instead, just download LifeLock. This app sends alerts directly to your phone so that you can instantly approve or reject any flags of suspicious activity that might occur. Additionally, it contains identity alerts, dark web monitoring, and a plethora of features to keep you safe. Two of our physicians touted the financial security LifeLock brings to their on-the-go lifestyle. 


5. Dashlane 

Just as its title suggests, Dashlane speeds life up. If you’re sick of trying to remember passwords and constantly getting bounced out of applications, you need to give this app a shot. Dashlane goes beyond a password manager; it securely stores an unlimited number of passwords, payment information, and personal details across all your devices. In fact, one of our docs calls it her lifesaver. 


6. TurboScan 

This submission was a fan-favorite by all our physicians. Are you trying to keep a bunch of receipts and documents organized while you’re traveling on a locums assignment? Eliminate all that paper. TurboScan allows you to securely upload receipts, documents, and photos. Then, you can transform them into PDFs or JPEGs, name them, and sort them right in the app. With just a few taps, save or email each one to ensure that all your receipts are gathered for your write-offs.  


7. Google Keep 

Walking to your next appointment, but still need to take down notes from your last one? Open Google Keep and quickly record your thoughts; they’ll automatically transcribe. This app helps you stay organized, and it even integrates with Google Calendar for perfectly timed reminders, links to Sheets, Google Docs, and your entire schedule at your fingertips. Our physicians’ favorite features: “I love that I can create pinned notes and even transcribe text from pictures. It’s so helpful when I’m on a new assignment to have everything in one place.” 


8. Strides: Goal Tracker 

Don’t let your goals slip just because you’re traveling on a new assignment. With Strides, you can track your personal/professional goals AND your habits – the app offers convenient reminders to hold you accountable in addition to nifty progress charts. Set targets for each of your goals, view “streaks” for your habits, and create customized projects with milestones along the way. The New York Times calls Strides “the most comprehensive, user-friendly, beautifully designed goal tracking app available.” 

Free to track what’s most important to you. Strides Plus (*$4.99/month or $29.99/year) provides access to unlimited goal tracking and progress reports. 

*Pricing as of June, 2022 


9. Redbooth 

If you’re looking for the perfect project management tool, our physicians think Redbooth is the solution. “I have to admit, I’m horrible at keeping a to-do list. From Post-it Notes to project management apps, I’ve tried everything to keep me organized. Redbooth is the only thing that’s stuck. It’s full of features yet somehow very simple to use,” says one doc. 

With Redbooth, you can manage an unlimited number of projects; send updates; view and create task lists; share files and feedback; and most importantly, easily collaborate with other colleagues during your assignments. 


10. Evernote 

Tired of stitching together digital notes and loose scraps of paper? Evernote lets you snap a picture of your written notes and upload them in addition to typing them up directly into your app. Never wonder where you placed THAT sticky note again; once you’ve uploaded all your notes, you can organize them into “notebooks,” or filter them by creating unique tags. And the best part? Evernote syncs across all your devices so that you always have your notes handy. 

Free to download. Premium versions starting at *$4.99/month. 

*Pricing as of June, 2022 


That’s it for part three of our four-part physician app series! 

Stay tuned for our final post where we’ll release our docs’ favorite medical apps that improve locum tenens assignments. For more physician resources, follow us on LinkedIn and sign up for our email newsletter for industry news and job search tips.