About Interim Physicians​

Founded in 1979 by Dr. Ken Teufel, Interim Physicians is a pioneer staffing agency that helped create the locum tenens staffing industry. Dr. Teufel was our medical director for 42 years, guiding us through the industry’s evolution through his unique clinical lens.
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Quality care is our higher calling.

In 2001, we became founding members of the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations, which holds staffing firms to a strong code of conduct. For the past six years, we’ve won the Best of Staffing Award for outstanding service to providers, and we are perennially named one of the largest locum tenens firms by Staffing Industry Analysts. We proudly honor Dr. Teufel’s legacy by supporting Doctors Without Borders, the nonprofit for which he often volunteered.

We care for our providers so they can care for their patients.

We handle every non-clinical detail of your assignment – from paperwork to travel arrangements to housing – allowing you to focus on delivering healthcare where it’s desperately needed.

Our team is the most passionate & experienced in locums.

The average tenure of our staff is 14 years, and many have formed long-lasting bonds with providers. Thanks to connections we’ve nurtured responsibly for more than 40 years, we offer you the best of the locum tenens lifestyle – rewarding assignments in amazing places where you provide lifesaving care where none would exist – were it not for you.