Provider Spotlight: Dr. Mandel, ER Maverick & Locum Tenens Physician

Interim Physicians Celebrates the Locum Tenens Catalysts on National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day

As a healthcare administrator grappling with the ongoing challenge of staffing shortages, the arrival of a locum tenens provider can bring a welcome respite. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals are struggling to recover while healthcare professionals, feeling the strain of burnout, are leaving in droves.

The provider who fills the locum tenens role is, without a doubt, crucial to ensuring the delivery of optimal care to your community. However, the individual responsible for facilitating this connection with the provider is often overlooked.

As proclaimed by Congress in 1991, the first Tuesday in June each year is National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day. It’s a day specifically dedicated to recognizing and appreciating the contributions made by healthcare recruiters, whose work is typically conducted beyond the view of in-house facility recruiters and administrators.

At Interim Physicians, we extend our sincere gratitude to these dedicated pros today. Our physician recruiters play a pivotal role daily in shaping the careers of providers across the country. Their unseen efforts bridge the gap between our healthcare facilities and providers and introduce life-saving care.

Here are some of our favorite provider shoutouts for Interim Physicians recruiters that we received as part of an independent customer satisfaction survey.

Shaping Careers, Making a Difference

Dr. Lee, a highly regarded internal medicine physician who provides nephrology and critical care services in his community, has enjoyed a long-standing partnership with Joey Bradshaw, a senior recruiting director at Interim who has dedicated 27 years to the organization. Dr. Lee reflects on his locums journey and how Joey made the transition as a temporary provider so much easier for him.

“Joey is a great communicator,” Dr. Lee says with a smile. “He effortlessly guides me through the intricate web of paperwork and privileges, ensuring a smooth and seamless process. Joey’s always there when I need him, readily accessible, and truly awesome to work with.”

Dr. Lee says that Joey’s efficiency and effectiveness allow him to focus on what truly matters: providing exceptional care to his patients.

Alongside Joey, Bobby Cassidy – a principal recruiting director who received a prestigious promotion after just more than a year with Interim – stands out for his commitment to relationship-building and keen attention to detail.

“Bobby is a gem,” says Dr. Kim, a pediatric hospitalist. “His responsiveness is unparalleled, promptly addressing my queries and concerns. Moreover, he accurately represents each assignment, providing me with the comprehensive information I need to make informed decisions. From coordinating my credentials to managing travel details, Bobby’s commitment to speed and thoroughness is unmatched.”

Bobby played a critical role in enabling Dr. Kim to confidently and securely embark on her journey into locum tenens.

Recruiters like Bobby and Joey have helped shape the careers of these locum tenens providers who continue to make valuable contributions to healthcare delivery.

Jackie Byrd is another central member of the powerhouse recruiting team at Interim. Jackie loves every moment she gets to spend with that recruiting team. The intense highs (and sometimes lows) of the day-to-day make those relationships she builds with providers even more special.

Jackie took on the role of facilitating the connection between Dr. Brown, a critical care physician, with locum tenens assignments at healthcare facilities that desperately needed his expertise. Dr. Brown’s admiration for Jackie is palpable.

“Jackie is approachable and just fantastic,” Dr. Brown says. “She goes above and beyond to ensure my needs are met. Her consistent support and guidance have been instrumental in my career growth. In fact, Jackie is one of the best recruiters I’ve ever worked with, and I wholeheartedly recommend Interim to other doctors because of her.”

The profound bond between Dr. Brown, Jackie, and countless others like them have been forged through a dedication to providing unmatched support and consistency. It’s what makes these recruiters key members of our team.

This National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day, we pay tribute to recruiters like Joey, Bobby, Jackie, and all of the physician recruiters who power the locum tenens industry. We thank you all for you do to help keep our friends and families safe.