Interim Physicians Honors Physicians across America on National Doctors’ Day 2022

You dreamed60% of children want to be a doctor when they grow up.

You applied—medical school applicants are at a record high – 62,443.

You studied—last year, 20,921 students graduated from an MD-granting medical school.

You persevered—there are 1,062,205 practicing physicians in the United States, with locum tenens doctors accounting for 6% of the overall workforce.

You sacrificed—during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City alone, 1,000 retired health care workers agreed to come back to the hospital within 24 hours.

You changed lives—throughout your entire career, and especially over the past three years.

On March 30, National Doctors’ Day, Interim Physicians joins with the staffing community to honor your dedication to a life in medicine. While 24 hours are not nearly enough to convey the depth of our gratitude for the profound impact you have on our nation’s well-being, we want to express how humbled we are to support your mission. Your unwavering commitment to improving the quality of life across the United States inspires us today and every day.

On this occasion, we would especially like to recognize three locum tenens doctors who are partnered with us:

  • Dr. Paula Waddy continues her family’s heritage of healing as a third-generation African American. For two decades, she has worked as a locum tenens family medicine physician throughout the South to maximize her impact on patient care.
  • Dr. Peterson is an ob/gyn who has answered the call of duty – serving three tours of duty after 9/11 – and continuing to serve American families in scrubs. Dr. Peterson has covered hundreds of shifts for Interim throughout Texas for the past four years.
  • Dr. Apodaca has spent the last three years filling critical gaps across Missouri, including rural areas where her specific procedural skillset stabilized patients who would have otherwise required transportation to faraway facilities.


To all doctors in America: Thank you for saving lives — and for supporting our livelihoods. As your partners in healthcare, we fulfill our mission to deliver healthcare where none may exist because of you. We consider each of you a hero and a partner, and we are fortunate enough to call many of you friends.

Happy Doctors’ Day from the Interim Physicians team!