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Top 10 Travel Apps to Make Your Locum Tenens Assignment Easier

No matter what you need during your locum tenens assignment, we bet your smartphone has the solution. The key is knowing exactly what to search and download. We can help! You did, too — most of the apps below were submitted by our locum tenens docs – thank you!

Whether you’re traveling one state over or across the country, these 10 free and physician-approved travel apps are essential additions to your smartphone toolkit. We polled all our docs for their favorites, and the responses did not disappoint (we downloaded a few new resources ourselves).

Check out your colleagues’ recommendations and file your favorites for your next locum assignment.

1. AwardWallet

If you travel a lot, you’re rolling in frequent flyer miles and credit card points! This app conveniently tracks your loyalty points (air miles, hotel points, and credit card points); manages all your travel reservations; sends push notifications for delays/cancelations; analyzes your overall credit card spending habits, and offers suggestions to maximize your points across all merchants.


2. Citymapper

Public transportation is tough to navigate in new states (sometimes even in your own backyard). Receive real-time departure updates, transit maps, line statuses, bike routes, and Uber availability with this must-have city navigation map. Never wonder how long it will REALLY take to navigate rush hour – compare all your options from the palm of your hand.


3. DoorDash

This app was recommended by ALL our physician submissions, so we know it’s a fan favorite. No matter what you’re craving, find the best selection of local delivery options during your travels. DoorDash lets you search by cuisine, delivery time, and reviews. You can enable notifications to get real-time updates on your order. (They also offer contactless drop off – order right to your hotel on your way home from the hospital, and then grab it on your way to your room!). The pick-me-up you need after a long shift is out there, and DoorDash will deliver it right to you. As one of our physicians said, “it’s the best when you gotta eat!”


4. Flightview

Air carrier websites can be cumbersome to navigate—and the updates get buried in email. With Flightview, you receive push notifications for real-time status alerts regarding gate assignments, delays, and cancellations. You can even view flight projections with radar weather overlay. Simply forward your confirmation email and Flightview handles the rest!


5. iExit

This app is especially helpful for long interstates on rural assignments. Do you have enough gas (or have you had too much coffee) to make it to the next exit? With iExit, you can plan out all your pit stops along your route and see how far you are from the next one. Whether you’re searching for the nearest caffeine boost, juice for your vehicle, or WiFi for a quick email, iExit has you covered.


6. MilelQ

Driving while on assignment? This one’s for you! Track your miles automatically (the app works in the background with no need to open the app and start or stop), and quickly receive reports for expenses and refunds. One of our physicians said it best: “this app is an absolute need for 1099 providers; it keeps track of all your miles for your write off!”


7. PackPoint

All you have to do is answer a few questions about your upcoming locum tenens assignment. PackPoint creates customizable packing list, considering weather forecast, any planned activities, and airline fees. Easily cross off items as you pack, and most importantly, enjoy the peace of mind that you’re not forgetting anything!


8. Timeshifter

Sick of starting your first shift battling jet lag? This app helps you prepare for the new time zone before your departure. Since everyone is different, Timeshifter utilizes circadian rhythms for personalized recommendations that factor in your age, gender, sleep pattern, and trip itinerary. The app suggests nap timing and hours to seek/avoid daylight, creating a milder jet lag experience and a more alert doc! (*Free for your first roundtrip; after that, single-trip plans are $9.99 and an unlimited yearly plan is just $24.99.)

*Pricing is up to date as of April, 2022.


9. TripAdvisor

The app that claims to unite people, passion, and places – and our locum docs agree. As one of our physicians said, “TripAdvisor is my go-to for getting travel advice and finding ideas for food and places to go!” With just one app, you can access millions of reviews and hundreds of deals on hotels, restaurants, and must-see attractions.


10. TunnelBear

Connect to Wi-Fi securely and privately – even if you’re in a public place during your travels. TunnelBear provides a VPN (virtual private network) to encrypt your browsing data and hide your information from hackers or advertisers. Each month, use 500MB of free browsing data. For more intense travelers, you can opt for unlimited data for *$3.33/month.

*Pricing is up to date as of April, 2022.


That’s it for part one of our four-part physician app series!

Stay tuned for part two where we’ll release our docs’ favorite medical apps that improve locum tenens assignments. For more physician resources, follow us on LinkedIn and sign up for our email newsletter for industry news and job search tips.