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Top 10 Medical Blogs for Locum Tenens Physicians

As a locum tenens physician, you’re always on the move but must find time to stay abreast of the latest medical research. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend hours hitting the books as you did in med school – there are more fun alternatives. Cue our “Locum Tenens Resource Roundup,” a three-part series revealing the top medical podcasts, YouTube channels, and blogs that keep docs in the know. 

Believe it or not, an overwhelming 77% of internet users regularly read blog posts, proving that (written) content is still king. Many of your fellow docs have harnessed the power of the blog and garnered a substantial online following to educate, explore recent medical trends, and humanize practicing medicine. 

Rather than poring over dry medical journals, you can check out this list of specially curated content written with you in mind. Our third and final Provider Resource Roundup reveals the top 10 most popular medical blogs for locum tenens physicians.

If you’re looking for easier ways to stay up to date on medical news, check out one of these blogs and subscribe to their new content: 

1. Physician on FIRE

Created by former anesthesiologist Leif Dahleen, Physician on FIRE covers personal finance, early retirement, and lessons learned from a locum tenens physician. After achieving financial independence and retiring early, Dr. Dahleen started Physician on FIRE with the intent to enlighten, educate, and entertain fellow physicians. (And many of his anecdotes offer a VERY insightful lens to locum life.) 

Read Physician on FIRE

2. KevinMD

KevinMD was founded in 2004 by Dr. Kevin Pho, and after racking up over 300 million monthly page views, it’s become the largest online platform for physicians to tell their stories. KevinMD boasts of being “physician-led and physician-focused,” giving a foundation for fellow physicians to critique policy, share their struggles, and provide insight to new doctors. 

Read KevinMD

3. The Healthcare Blog

The Healthcare Blog focuses on telling stories about the business of healthcare and recent innovations across the industry. THCB is read daily by about 5,000 industry observers, decision-makers, and like-minded healthcare pros like you.  

Read The Healthcare Blog

4. Physician’s Weekly

Physician’s Weekly has been operating for over 40 years as a reliable source of medical news and information written specifically for healthcare professionals. The site features in-depth interviews with industry professionals who have spearheaded landmark research and trending topics. Physician’s Weekly also offers accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities for healthcare professionals. 

Read Physician’s Weekly

5. Op-Med (Doximity)

Op-Med from Doximity offers a hub for over two million medical professionals to unite. All articles are written by fellow medical professionals with the intent to share their opinions and knowledge via the largest physician network.  

Read Op-Med (Doximity)

 6. AMA

This hub of specialty journals provides the latest research, medical news, and ongoing advocacy to support physicians and patients. The blog is the perfect place to catch up on the latest news in healthcare research, policy, opinion pieces, and updates on medical conferences.

Read AMA

7. Kaiser Health News

Kaiser Health News (KHN) prides itself on providing nationally relevant stories that feature in-depth journalism about health issues. KHN publishes individual stories regarding government policy, hospital logistics, and medical workers in addition to daily summaries of the most relevant healthcare news. 

Read Kaiser Health News

8. Medical Economics

This leading publication covers policy and procedures and how they impact physician pay, health systems, and patient care. Their blog features a roundup of news, including healthcare policy, interviews with experts, opinion pieces, and much more.

Read Medical Economics

9. Healthcare IT News

Searching for the latest medical technology news and how it impacts the industry’s future? This source covers people, policy, and technology moving health IT forward. Since 2003, Healthcare IT News has delivered updates regarding electronic health records, patient engagement, and health information exchange. 

Read Healthcare IT News

10. Harvard Health Blog

For over 200 years, Harvard Medical School has remained one of the most trusted sources of healthcare information. The blog serves as an online database for newsletters, reports, e-learning courses, and the latest research. These publications draw from over 11,000 faculty physicians and affiliated hospitals to provide comprehensive, authoritative, and trusted medical insight. 

Read Harvard Health Blog

That’s it for our 3-part locum tenens physician resource roundup!

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