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Top 10 Entertainment Apps to Use on Your Locum Tenens Assignments

No matter what you need during your locum tenens assignment, we bet your smartphone has the solution. The key is knowing exactly what to search and download. We can help. You did, too – the apps below were submitted by our locum tenens docs – thank you! 

Whether you need to pass the time during your drive or flight, decompress after a long shift at the hospital, or find a fun way to get a workout while you’re away from home, this list of 10 physician-approved apps have you covered. We polled our docs to find out how they like to spend their downtime while on locum tenens assignments and they didn’t disappoint. Below, we’ve compiled their tried-and-true entertainment apps for your perusal.  

So, before you head out on your next locums assignment, check out your colleagues’ suggestions, and be sure to add your favorites to your phone. 

1. AllTrails 

Search nearby trails for hiking, biking, and running; you can filter by distance, rating, or difficulty level. Check out recent reviews for conditions and reviewer-posted photos to get a feel for the view and terrain. One of our docs points out that AllTrails has a special recording feature that allows you to track your progress even if you’re on airplane mode to save data. 


2. Audible 

Avid reader without the space for a bunch of books in your suitcase? Thankfully, your Audible library is endless and only weighs as much as your smartphone. Not to mention, you can listen while you drive. Browse this app’s binge-worthy audiobooks, podcasts, and exclusive Audible Originals. No membership required to start listening.  

Cost: Plans begin at *$7.95/month after a 30-day trial. Premium memberships are $14.95/month. 

Pricing as of July 2022. 


3. Clash of Clans 

One of our physicians calls this “not just a great game, but the most lucrative app in history.” Bold claim? You can let us know. Regardless, we hear this is a great way to check out from reality and just decompress for a little bit after a long shift. You’d join millions of players around the world as you seek to build a village, raise your own clan, and compete against others.  


4. Pinterest 

This popular image-based app was bound to make the list. One of our docs submitted this app with a disclaimer, “you’re in for hours of entertainment browsing by any category you can imagine. Recipes, organization tips, décor ideas, workouts, everything. You name it, Pinterest has it.” 

Create special boards and follow various categories to tailor your feed to your scrolling (and pinning) preferences. 


5. Yoga Studio 

Yoga Studio sessions range from 5 minutes to an hour and there are over 180 classes available at your fingertips. Enter in your goals (strength, flexibility, or time) and the app creates a customized routine. This is especially beneficial when you’re trying to prioritize movement during a particularly crazy week of hospital shifts. A few of our docs recommended this app; one pointed out that the music is especially calming, and the instructors are excellent. Another loved the app’s ability to sync with Apple Health and automatically schedule class reminders/track sessions.  


 6. BrainHQ 

With over 30 years of neuroscience and brain health research, this app is proven to improve memory, attention, and cognitive function. As you progress through each exercise, they become more challenging—think of it like a personal trainer for your brain! You can hop on the app for five minutes or complete a full hour session. One of our physicians touts its effectiveness, “this cognitive game really does help me stay sharp!” 


7. Euchre 3D 

This app is the #1 rated free Euchre card game out there, and a couple of our physicians say it’s more addicting than Words with Friends. One even learned how to play on one of her assignments. Smart AI rotates your opponents to make sure you’re properly challenged, and you can even play live multiplayer. It’s perfect to practice on the app, then show your colleagues what you’ve got in person. 


8. Netflix 

You didn’t think we’d forget Netflix, did you? Despite its competition Netflix won 44 Emmys in 2021, beating other popular entertainment apps like Disney+ and HBO Max. In addition to tons of popular documentaries, shows, and movies, Netflix has a robust library of original series that rival other streaming services. Best parts? No ads and you can download content to view offline if you’re trying to pass the time on a long plane ride. 

Cost: The app is free, but it requires a Netflix subscription* to use ($9.99/month for the basic plan; $15.49 for two screens and HD; and $19.99 for 4 screens and Ultra-HD). 

*Pricing as of July, 2022 


9. Keelo 

One physician raves about this one. Even though you’re on your feet a lot in the hospital, your heart hopefully isn’t pumping TOO hard. So if you want to add a few more endorphins to your day, check out Keelo. This app offers 7 to 20-minute HIIT workouts to stay in shape, no matter where you are in the country. Don’t have equipment? No problem. Filter based on what you have or don’t have. Injury? Filter based on low impact workouts.  


10. Spotify 

The king of music, we had to include it (especially because all our physician submittals agreed). Whether you need to tune out on your lunch break or liven up your traveling, this is the app to do it. Music, podcasts… the audio world is your oyster. Stream content and browse the charts for new releases. Get adventurous by checking out readymade playlists and use the “enhance” feature to discover different music that’s curated based on your existing library.  

Cost: Stream for free with the occasional ad, or you can go Premium and enjoy ad-free listening for just *$9.99/month. 

*Pricing as of July 2022. 


That concludes our four-part physician app series! 

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